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This isn’t just my story.  It’s yours too.  Every sports fan has been there, and there is everywhere.

It’s the time when my friends and I were looking for the best place to watch the World Cup and we wanted to watch the France-Italy final with fans of gli Azzuri (true Italians, that is), and we wanted good craft beer too.

Or the time I was in LA on business during the World Series and I wanted to watch the Mets-Dodgers series with other Mets fans.  Or at least not with all Dodgers fans!  Oh, and a good meal too.

And recently, I wanted to watch the Capitals in the NHL playoffs in DC with a great atmosphere, huge TVs and a nice cocktail. 

You’ve been there—whether it’s March Madness, NFL Sunday, college football season or premiere league soccer, there are times when you may choose to watch at home but there are more times when you want to find your game and connect with friends or meet new friends and fans of your team.  In the right place, with the best atmosphere, food and drink options.  Do you want to bring the kids or your visiting nephew or niece?  Do you want a college hangout or a designated alumni bar or a professional setting where you can do business while you cheer for your team? 

This is what motivated me to create Get My Game, for the sports fan like me and you.  For all sports fans in all cities and all countries.  Sports creates community, unites people and fuels passions. 

Our goal is to connect you with your team and fans as quickly as possible at the bar of your choice, that meets your needs, atmosphere, food and crowd.

Welcome to, the premiere destination to Get My Game.  Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s all get our game on!



Laura Farina
Chief Executive Officer | Founder FYG


Favorite Sports Bar: Rossi's Bar & Grill, Hamilton NJ
Day Job: Attorney
Hometown: Trenton, NJ
Where you Live Now: Washington, DC
Fun Fact #1: Played college basketball and lacrosse
Fun Fact #2: Professor in the sports industry management master's program at Georgetown

Matthew Golden
Chief Marketing Officer | Digital Guru


Favorite Sports Bar: Clyde's
Day Job: Digital Brand Strategist
Hometown: S.Meriden, CT
Resides: Laurel, MD
Fun Fact #1: Academic All-American Soccer Player Turned D1 Kicker
Fun Fact #2: Founder and President of Sports Based Consulting Company

Chester J. Maxson, Jr. 2
Business Consultant | NYC Expert


Favorite Sports Bar: Cornerstone, Midtown East (NYC)
Day Job: DORNA Coordinator, Van Wagner Sports & Entertainment
Hometown: Jupiter, Florida
Resides: New York, New York
Fun Fact #1: Played college soccer
Fun Fact #2: 2012 National Champion, Lynn University Men's Soccer

Brandon Stumbo
Development Consultant | Speaks Fluent Code


Favorite Sports Bar:
Day Job: Web Developer
Hometown: Waukee, Iowa
Where you Live Now: Overland Park, KS
Fun Fact #1: Former journalist, turned web developer (the dark side)
Fun Fact #2: 

Fav Teams: Hoyas, Tar Heels, Yankees
Fav sports bar: Warren77 in SoHo
Day Job: Blue Sky Project Assistant at Sidley Austin in NYC

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